Thursday, October 14, 2004

A small start for a big idea

I would like to think everyone who believed in me over the years. I am at a point in my life where I am actually making a significant impact on my world. To start with I have a wonderful family that includes my lovely daughters, and my gorgeously supportive wife...With out you it would all be for not. Then coming in close a succession a group of people who I love who are my friends. The people that didn't care how many times I puked in their cars and loved me irregardless. The one who showed me great music and how to tear apart kids toys and and and. It's all progression and it's lead by momentum. I know now that if you watch TV and sit around thinking how to change the world that is your momentum. Then there is alignment. I am speaking of true alignment or the kind that guides the hands and hearts of people doing what they were truly meant to do. To watch someone doing what they are truly meant to do it almost perfection. The problem is that we are always the last to see...So start seeing it. The third piece of course has got to be looking inside yourself and not caring about what others think. The answer isn't in them the answer is in you. IT HAS NEVER BEEN THEIR LIFE. Be and do what you were meant to.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Please log in before proceeding

Do you think the idea of logging in to a secure server is a safe as it could be. Or more to the point do people who log into secure websites even know the difference between a safe and unsafe site? I think no. So is it the idea of the lock all over again. The idea that people who rob houses aren't deterred by locks and say break a window...Or go down the street to the house without the alarm...Or disconnect the alarm. It's really then just an idea to make people feel safe using an illusion of safety. Not safety but a belief that we are safe. Like the idea that money is worthless expect that it's backed up by the full faith and support of the government. So people feel safe with illusions of what they really want. Security, monetary systems, or an effect we might have on the world around us. Lets worry about a meteor say. So we can spend tons of money to build a meteor defense strategy that might save us but in reality can't...inevitability is a mighty strong focker. So you create fear and then you create product? Or you create a product that introduces a new fear? It's one way things are done. So then there's the other that says: "Hey lets do something to address x problem" I take a dump and don't want to stare at it tell it drys up so I make a toilet to whisk it away. They are both really great models and I suppose both have there place. So which do I prefer...Well I am paranoid enough so I go for the fear play. Make people even lazier than they already are and you will have a great invention I say. Remote controls rule!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

New idea on an old theme

What if you ideology consists of you taking a divine hold on a culture and programming it to respond to a way of life. Then suddenly they're in control of a whole culture or society and your beliefs, which aren't supposed to interfere with your decisions, ultimately do. Say you think the rapture is upon us and in your eyes the best place to be is in heaven with your GOD. Yet your god doesn't believe that suicide is alright so you don't get a free pass. What do you do instead...How about you destroy the world around us that would be the most logical path to a cloud nap.

Or say that your political party is known as the party of less governmental control and the party that allows the working man to make his own mistakes. You create policy that reinforces that idea by passing laws that loosen governmental control but only in a round-a-bout way. Because these same policies hand out large government contracts to your political friends in support of supporting you. Then these friends receive tax breaks, cut salaries, and outsource to save money$$. So know you have a working class who's unable to afford the goods you sell and who is taxed by a government that gives it's taxes to itself.

Pretty cool way of doing business I assume so long as your at the top of the pile:)

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Transitional Generation

I remember when I didn't have to change out the hardware of a focking toilet after a year of use. When did that happen? Also a DVD player that cost 500 should last longer that it's price in hours. Am I the only one or am I just on a "remember when" kick like I used to hear when I was a young pup. You remember the folks giving you the walk to school in snow talk right? WTF is happening to quality in this society. People just don't care or so it would seem. I pay a guy 40 to take care of my lawn and he just mows it. In discussion before I hired the SOB I get the "Oh shit I'll get that flowerbed and plant those last couple plants" which gets forgotten once he's hired. ASSHOLE! So what I'm my parents OK so focking what. However, I believe it may go deeper and I'll explain.

Let's call us the Transitional Generation. We are the people who will tell our children that once upon a fock you could buy toilet hardware that would last. Our children will laugh as they throw the weekly upgrade kit in the shopping cart. With a comment like "no way that happened." So we have a Generation that has no idea that it's not ok. I think it's happened through time at a very gradual pace so as not to confuse the next Generation, but just enough to anger the current generation. Which in return cause the next Generation to accept it even quicker...Using the fuck you mom and dad psychology to root it deeply in the brain. Oh well says the next Generation give me my disposable I-POD and shut up DAD. Little fockers....

Anyway, here is my business model....Make shit that works the way it should and use to. Use a little metal where appropriate, I'm sure the struggling steel industry would appreciate that, and guess what you have a loyal consumer base that doesn't feel like they are getting screwed. Why is it a privilege of the privileged to get the best products at a higher that normal price tag...Because they can take you to court maybe? Oh these mom and pops will have to wait until they can form some class suit and end up giving all they refunds to some SOB lawyer. And what of us the American half ass corporate giants...We say we are sorry, pay the bill, buy some more plastic Hong Kong crap, and post another in your ASS profit!

Friday, August 13, 2004

One...Two Here We Go!

It seems that the easiest way to do something is just to...Well...Do it. For me the act of writing down my thoughts was a tremendious help. More to come I promise!! I fall in the doldrums of procrastination so this is good for me to vent on a daily...I mean weekly...Schedule. Thanks USA USA>>>Go for Olympic GOLD

I see myself better now as this sort of guy that spends all his effort on a forward path. Driving my existence for the betterment of my family and community...Hum. Really I swear I am on a newer path my friends. I see now that my concern for thing ordinary is of no use to me at this stage. The TV is no longer my cage. This house may still be but I got's to work. I have a new shiny idea every couple of seconds...I need to write them down I guess? I am going around and around a little here but the point being: I am a relaxed person lately. It's a tough path. Rewarding nonetheless. I breath more than I used to. I think before I speak. Really.

This much I promise I will keep the fire alive and breath new life into myself. I actually notice the places in-between the places again. Morning is not so bad. Night is a timebomb still but I use the sleep to construct a better me...I fade of with visions of how I want my life. Forward I say...Forward. Lets make this thing happen. I can't not do it!


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Not much to say...For a man that says a lot

My boys are getting some serious flavors going lately:

Marc.Marc release EP # ?

Jason releases Album #2

Both great on the ears but in dramatically different ways...ah the circle of life!

Other than that I am just trying to help out and take it to the next level!


Sunday, August 08, 2004


This is my therapy America. When no one else will listen...You will. When no one else will allow me growth...You do. Thanks America. Thanks to all you hard working Americana type prairie folk who wake each morning and know that life is just the way you like it while your picking your wheat from the earth. Her bosom is vast and unrelenting. Her boobies are big so enjoy them as they send thanks to all.

So I just thought I would go a little overboard with the latest post because I am at odds with key figures in my life still. If it weren't for the $$ I would be able to do whatever I wanted. I could spend all day doing nothing and planning a future I really always sort of fell in to. What's that you say? You doing that know you say. Shout the FOCK up. What do you know America~

peas out